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Is your website design dulling your online presence and deflating your sales?
Maybe, it’s time to consider redesigning your website.

Website Redesigning Services

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Design Matters

The significance of design and its inherent role in driving businesses is taking a giant leap. Design is the most prominent aspect of the brand visible to the customers. It serves as an outlet for businesses to establish an emotional connection with the users giving the brands a cutting-edge advantage. Hashtag17 understands the importance of knitting a brand’s core values to its online persona thus can help you chose and implement the right design for your website.

"There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

- Milton Glaser

Website redesigning is much more than just bombarding a website with alluring graphics. While these may attract the users to your website, they alone cannot manage to engage and retain customers. Effective website redesigning services aim to accommodate enhanced functionalities and user experience into the single entity of website design. A successful website design is the one which drives the user to navigate more on the website. At Hashtag17, we believe in providing website redesigning services for creating fresh, compelling and out-of-the-box designs which are akin to your core business values. Take a glimpse into how we empower businesses by facilitating complete online make-overs.


Our website designs are in cohesion with the values and goals fundamental to your business.


The redesign of website serves to reflect the main purpose of your brand and the ideals it stands for.


Our website redesigning team is proficient in reducing the website’s loading time as well as the downtime.


Our redesigning aims at bringing the targeted audience to your website through effective SEO methodologies and content analysis.


Our website redesigning service takes care of social-media engagement and customer interactions through your website.


By providing a user friendly design, our website redesigning team gives your business a brand new head-start.


Our redesigning services are not only affordable, but also provide you with a wide array of design prototypes as per your requirements.

Website Redesign for improved UX

Better UX. Bigger Sales.

“Does it better” will always beat “did it first.”

– Aaron Levie, CEO at Box

Does your current website design ensure higher conversion rates?

The importance of UX in capturing market share and increasing customer base can be seen from the example of Myspace and Facebook. As per righthello.com, while the former tried to market their brand through celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Facebook focussed on continually improving their UX. The result speaks for itself as Myspace was soon driven away from its number one spot. Enhanced UX had defeated marketing. Similarly, by adding product recommendations feature to the browsed items, Amazon sky-rocketed its sales to a colossal $12.83 billion and increased its conversion rate by a whopping 60%!

Human psychology is largely influenced by visual perceptions. Our tendencies, such as impulse purchases or forming strong impressions of brands are predominantly shaped by visual hierarchy. A compelling website re-design, is thus crucial in spelling success for your brand. From the above instances it is clear that be it Ecommerce or social-media website, the best way to engage customers and boost sales is to upgrade your current website UX.

Assuming that the existing situation of the website UX is perfect is the biggest blunder a company can make. UX improvement is a dynamic, on-going process and hence complete redesigning the brand’s website could be beneficial in improving overall sales. An antiquated website deters users’ navigation through the website. It raises doubts regarding the quality of products and services a business can provide.

We thus intend to revamp your brand’s online identity by facilitating enhanced UX at each and every step of the website. Our website redesigning service aims to provide a smooth and uninterrupted navigation of your website that will ensure increased patterns of sales and customer retention.

Website Redesigning for Mobiles

Go responsive or go home

According to Search Engine Land report in 2013, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets were responsible for 15% of the total internet traffic. Today, it exceeds the desktop traffic by a huge margin with some companies claiming to get more than 55% traffic through mobiles. Witnessing this sudden surge, Google started rolling out its mobile-friendly algorithm updates that enhance mobile site rankings.

“The future of mobile is the future of online.
It is how people access online content now."

- David Murphy,
Founder and Editor of Mobile Marketing Daily


The dominance of hand-held devices is spreading like wildfire. With most people preferring to surf internet “on the-go”, it is becoming more an imperative for brands to redesign their websites in accordance to this platform. Mobile optimization of websites enhances user-experience and creates a unique brand identity in the users’ minds. These are typically lighter than desktop versions of websites hence the time taken for loading is greatly reduced. With the ease of connection and accessibility, mobile websites are the future of online branding.

At Hashtag17, we provide website redesigning services which cater to mobile optimization as well. We understand the significance of adding the element of responsiveness to your brand’s website which takes care of the huge influx of mobile-driven traffic. At this day and age, where the number of mobile users worldwide has exceeded the staggering limit of 4.77 billion, ignoring mobile crowd could spell doom for your business.

Our mobile website redesigning service aims at providing a seamless navigation of the website which works effectively across every mobile device. Keeping all the content visible on a small screen without compromising on the UX is what our website redesigning service is all about.

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