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Search engines constantly look for “natural votes” in order to determine if a website deserves to rank and if your website does not have high quality websites linking to it, you are likely losing a lot of business that should have come your way. Even if you are the best in your niche, you would not be able to sell to your consumers online unless your website has a considerable number of natural votes. The good news is, the scenario is changing. Social media has caught up with the masses and businesses alike and social media marketing services have a huge role to play.

One of the things that has changed in recent times is the way search engines look at your website’s social media presence. Social media is gaining traction and it most definitely here to stay. Search engines want a fool proof way to rank websites and good social presence is a sure sign that a “website is actually worth it.”

Having a list of genuine followers on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and keeping them engaged through these channels does not only increase your sales, but it also has a positive effect on your search engine rankings. Search engines understand that links are susceptible to manipulation, so they are forced to take your social media activity in consideration while ranking your website. This is why, investing in social media is a good idea since it has a dual advantage.


Our Social Media efforts are channelized and precise. As Philip Kotler says, “The Research and Development department- not the sales department- should be held accountable for a product’s success.” The beginning of our social media efforts is dependable market research and this is where years of our Marketing experience counts.

For each of our SEO campaigns, we start with identifying your target audience, segregating them, understanding them, studying them, and then start our specifically targeted campaign. Each of our tweets, posts and pins are specifically targeted to match the interests and likes of your target audience.

Even before we make customized pins, tweets and posts for your consumers, we have their buying habits and their buying behaviour mapped. This helps us come out with coherent and meaningful content that is suitable to your consumers.

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