Our web development and wordpress development services provide the entire range of services from customizing your wordpress website to programming, integrating, and developing applications

While the website design is what pulls a customer to your website, it is what goes on beyond the surface that will maintain its functionality. This involves coding and programming and this underlying part of the website is referred to as the back end. It involves programming, ensuring that the site is in working order and that all the interactions between the server and the end user (clients) are working properly. Our wordpress development services involve making applications for user engagement. Our applications are wordpress friendly and integrate technology to make your business work smarter and scalable.

As most of the interactions on websites involve interactions (enquiries, transactions, and discussions) between the customers and the business service providers, a well maintained and monitored back end is utmost essential for an efficient and effective website, which in turn is critical to the success of your internet marketing efforts. Our highly skilled wordpress developers are devoted to ensuring that you website is as good in its functions as in its looks. Our developers are focussed on the following aspects of website development:

1. Developing content in alignment with your requirements: This includes text and applications including web based and social media applications.

2. Client-side/server-side scripting- programming in languages supported by the client and server: This is essential for the interactivity of the website. Our software developers possess excellent skills and experience in this area. They will be looking at two key functions:

Server side programming is required to process user input requests, display pages, organise web applications and to interact with the databases. Our talented and efficient developers have the expertise in PHP, ASP.NET, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic to work in this area

Client-side programming is required for the functionality of WebPages from the customer’s end including dynamic pages, interactivity, data retrieval from the server, and client side applications. Our developers working on this aspect are skilled in Javascript, HTML, CSS and more.

3. Network security configuration: A very critical factor for the well being of your website. We ensure that all care is taken to guard the security of your website including automatic updates of security features, management of security passwords, management of encryption, instalment of firewalls and management of perimeter security as some of the areas where our developers are skilled.

Our web and wordpress developers ensure that the back end coding is flexible enough to cope with changes and at the same time, clean and free of errors.

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