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If you have ever browsed an SEO forum or spoken to an SEO specialist, you would have definitely heard them say “Content is King” and content marketing is the new and only SEO technique that works. True, content is king, but not many content writing services understand what “kind” of content is king.

For a layman, a page consisting of pictures, words, videos, audios, charts, diagrams or anything else that holds you down and makes you want to end your engagement only after you have browsed the page; absorbed the information it has to offer and acted upon it, is king.

The definition of content has indeed changed over a period of time. Back in late 90’s, you could rank a website merely by filling up your page with the keyword you want to rank for; but today, it is much harder. Not only should your content make sense, it should keep your readers interested and involved and make them use your signals and calls to action buttons.


Great content is not just about having a low bounce rate, it is moving more about converting and making a sale and search engines are getting there. The search engines just want to terminate search queries as early as possible. Because it could be frustrating for users to keep hunting through endless results, their search experience is directly proportional to the bottom line of big search engines. We understand how to “engineer” content that keeps your readers engaged and we are happy to share our expertise with you.

Our content writing service aims to provide solutions to grow your business, so we deliver all kinds of content right from website content, blog content, emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, guest posts, pictures, audios, videos, infographics, articles, reviews or anything else that you think may keep your audience interested and engaged.


Our content package includes website content, blog posts, guest blog content articles, product reviews, product descriptions, press releases, and anything else that can help you engage your users and keep them happy. You may order 10,000 words of customized content for $1290.

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