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Responsive design: what does it really mean?

Contrary to popular belief, the definition of a responsive web design is not just limited to being a mobile-friendly platform. It technically refers to a website with increased “responsiveness” to the device on which it is being viewed. Such a website accommodates the pixel width according to the device hence providing the same quality of user experience. According to, 60% of total internet access is occurring on mobile devices as the number of mobile users is fast exceeding that of desktop users. Additionally, majority of ecommerce website’s success can be attributed to a well-responsive website design. It has been estimated that 80% of retail content browsing happens over smartphones.

Having a highly adaptive responsive website could enhance your online business stature manifold. There is high demand and dependency on responsive website; recent studies indicate that 40% of users will opt for another search result if the one that they land on is not adaptive to mobile devices. Increasing number of people is using their smartphones to make online purchases. Such is the significance of developing a responsive website design for your business that since April 2015 , Google has started improving search result rankings of these websites. The bottom-line for businesses is - go responsive or go home.

The best part about developing a responsive website design is that a single URL and HTML code suffices for every device. In the past few years, the world has witnessed a sudden growth in the hand-held devices such as smartphones, tablets, phablets, Kindles etc which has forced majority of brands to go responsive with their website designs.

The good news here is that latest responsive website designs are minimize design and maintenance efforts saving the businesses huge costs. An investment in a smart responsive website design service such as ours will help you cut-down subsequent costs of maintaining multiple channels of getting targeted traffic to your website.

Technical details of
Responsive Website Design

A traditional non-responsive website provides inferior user experience as it cannot accommodate changes according to the viewing device. A responsive website is capable of adapting to different devices and thus alters the text, graphics, and other visuals accordingly. The mechanism responsible for such adaptability is CSS3 media queries and fluid-proportion based grids.

At Hashtag17, our responsive website design services create leading edge websites which retain enough flexibility to fit according to different devices and their resolutions.

Our core team of developers has considerable experience in designing websites which are highly responsive in nature. By reducing the requirement of resizing, panning, and scrolling, our graphic designers ensure that your website provides the best UX to every user. At Hashtag17, we take care of the following minute details as well for creating a unique responsive website design for your business:


We closely analyse competitor website designs to gain an idea of valuable SEO opportunities, innovative designs, and intuitive functionalities. Our aim is to keep your website a step ahead of your competitors.


Planned wireframe design to enhance content placement as well as navigation and graphics which can be made flexible to fit every device.


Information architecture design is chosen according to the type of website. Popular patterns include Hierarchy, Hub &Spoke, Nested Doll, Tabbed view, Bento Box etc.


Several key factors are checked while performing the usability testing – flow of page objects, resizing of images, hiding and showing different menus and many more. Multiple tests are conducted to analyse popular trends on desktop and mobile platforms.


Expert evaluation to gauge the effectiveness of the responsive website design.

Our responsive website design services provide resolutions for both portrait and landscape layouts for all devices including mobiles, phablets, tablets and desktops.

Boosting sales through
responsive website design

Trends dominating the market today

“If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished”

– Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola.

The world today has 6 billion mobile users and since 2010 smartphone sales have seen an unprecedented surge of 63%. The number of Facebook users alone has grown from 50 million to 200 million in mere 2 years. Almost 300,000 apps have been created in the last three years. 1 in every 7 internet search is made through a mobile device. These staggering facts point to one thing only – Mobile is the future.

Having a competitive advantage over other brands today includes building a comprehensive responsive website for your business. The following market trends and key factors will provide you a better idea of why you need responsive website design services such as ours:

arrow The first factor which needs to be considered is whether you need a mobile-optimized website or a mobile app for your website. Accordingly you need to decide whether you need a responsive design, an adaptive design, or a plain mobile website.

arrow While the mobile layout and design are influential factors, developing proper mobile content is also an equally important factor. Similarly building a UX that encourages smooth navigation through the webpages is also crucial in attracting target crowd.

arrow Lastly the payment gateway, which is the most critical juncture of any website, must be optimized to deter bounce- off rates.


Recent trends indicate that people spend more time on the mobile app version of the website as compared to its desktop browser version. Through responsive website designs, you get the opportunity to showcase your products based on the location of the users.


Continuous notifications running at the background keep the users hooked on to your website which doesn’t happen in case of traditional website designs.


Faster internet services are driving users’ attention spans to an all-time low. This is why hiring effective responsive website design services can help you retain and convert your traffic substantially.


Responsive design should get rid of excessive frills and add-ons and just concentrate on simplistically presenting your website to your customer. A smaller screen a proper adjustment and accommodation of graphics, content and textual matter to enhance user experience.

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