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Today e-commerce is an essential part of all internet businesses. So why should you be left behind? Utilise our world class e-commerce services and bring home those customers to your online portal. E-commerce is an umbrella term encompassing a wide variety of transactions. We provide customised websites with services tailored to the requirements of your business, as we certainly don’t believe in the one size fits all process. Whatever be your business, be it an online book store or a supermarket, our E-commerce websites come with the following features:

1 . Safety and security

2. Applications to ensure that your B2C and B2B transactions are successful

3. HTML based front end

4. Compatible with wide variety of browsers

5. Client side and server side programming for smooth transaction

6. Databases that store information about customers, list of items, transactions, and other electronic data

7. The client-database server interaction is leveraged via the middle tier interface i.e. the web server and we use both CGI and PHP

8. Our developers ensure your E-commerce website is fully functional and there are no compatibility issues with browsers

To make your E-commerce website experience more satisfactory, we do provide hosting and domain name facilities which can ensure that the whole process of creating, maintaining and use is a near seamless experience but of course, you are free to select other alternatives.

As far as applications for enhancing the end user experience is concerned (customer) the applications we provide include:

Customised shopping carts for selecting items
Secure payment options
Online order forms for submission of order requests
Customer feedback options


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