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Ever wondered why most of the fast-food chains in this world use red colour in their logos while most law firms restrict their logo- colour to black and white? It is because logos have a powerful influence in the way consumers perceive your brand. A logo, simply put, is the most visible attribute of your business. It is through your logo that your consumers identify your brand. From significantly affecting purchasing patterns to influencing people’s moods, logos can be used to anchor your consumer’s attention.

“Design is thinking made visual”- Saul Bass

It is imperative for businesses to understand the importance of logos in building their brand image. Since a logo gives the users the first look into your business, it can be cleverly designed to express what your company actually intends to do. From setting the right mood to enhancing buying tendencies, effectively designed logos can help your business establish a firm standing. It can be easily used to send across the message about the culture of your company and how it aims to cater to different needs of the consumers. Do you recognize your brand primarily with innovation or do you feel serving the customer is the priority? The innate values upheld by the brand can be effectively communicated to the users through your brand’s logo.

First impressions always count; hence designing a logo that truly represents the essence of your brand is fundamental to your brand’s success. And not just to compensate on a first-impression level, the brand’s logo goes a long way in building customer loyalty. A striking logo design can convey a deeper message through clever use of visuals and graphics. Take the example of Amazon. Its logo has an arrow pointing from A to Z subtly selling the fact that Amazon sells all the products from A to Z. Similarly, the logo of FedEx has a cleverly built-in arrow mark which is an eternal symbol of speed and direction; the virtues one would want to associate with a courier service.

To realize your own brand in such ingenious manner, one needs to refer to excellent logo designing service such as ours to build a unique brand image. By investing in Hashtag17’s logo designing services, you can choose and build an exclusive design that is highly customized to flaunt your brand image.

What makes a good
logo great?

The Do’s and Don’ts of logo designing

The “VA” of Sony Vaio logo is shaped like an analog wave signal and the “IO” represent 1 and 0, the primary numbers. Cisco, which takes its name from the city where it was founded, i.e, San Francisco, has its logo look like the Golden Gate Bridge. Baskin Robbins’s logo has the number 31 in-built in the logo to represent the number of ice-cream flavours they create. These iconic logos collectively tell one story only- create a logo that instantaneously promotes your brand in a subtle manner.


Aptly said, a wrong logo design can create an air of obscurity around your brand while a well-designed logo can be used to mirror the personality of your company. Logo is a symbol of identification of your brand used to promote or advertise your brand. Many companies make the fundamental mistake of not approaching professional logo designing services because they consider professionally designed logo a futile attempt. This leads to creation of irrelevant and ambiguous logo designs which subconsciously create a negative brand image. Approaching well-recognized logo designing services for creating the face of your company is well- worth the investment in the long run. The most time-tested method of giving your brand a powerful launch in the market is by designing an impressive brand logo that leaves a mark on the consumer’s mind.

Professional logo designing services such as ours can help you reach that goal. Our in-house team of logo designers follow strict guidelines and precedents of designing in order to build the perfect logo for you. Take a glimpse at how we cater to your logo designing needs:

  • We do in-depth research into a company’s objectives, target customers, brand image, competitors, and many such inter-related factors which helps us set an outline for the final logo.
  • Our logo designing services also study the brand motive at length to create a design which is both powerful and effective.
  • Every brand brings to the table a unique set of concepts in serving a targeted group of customers. Our lead logo designers focus on understanding the concept behind the inception of the company and then try to express that through iconic graphics.
  • Our logo designing services take care of every tiny detail that goes into making your logo perfect. The colour combination, font styles, and the use of different shapes and designs -every element has to be in cohesion with the brand’s unique identity.
  • Our logo designing services ensure that your company’s logo is a true representation of what your company is instead of blindly copying your competitor’s design just to stay in the same league.

We also look into the following important factors which creating a logo design:


The logo should be consistent with the company’s culture and be relevant to the industry.


A logo is a permanent symbol- one needs to envision where the business will proceed to in the future before brainstorming for logo ideas.


Customer’s perspective is a must and the logo should be industry relevant.


Keep the logo simple but try to create an instantaneous impact.


By assimilating the entities of balanced colour palettes, shapes and figures, suitable fonts and business attributes, our logo designing services at Hashtag17 provide professional level services for all your logo-designing needs.

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