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Solutions to enhance (business) opportunities as we call it is a major part of our internet marketing and branding services. SEO services is our ultimate offering which involves checking your website thoroughly right from its coding, content, on-page search engine optimization factors, to its social media presence and overall rankings on search engines.

SEO services constitutes a major part of our internet marketing services because it requires all our departments to function together. Our SEO services package does not just have exhaustive essentials to get your website to start ranking on search engines, but it also gives you the most critical element to succeed- your website’s social media presence. Social media is often underestimated, but when done right; social media can be a real contributor to your top line.

How we can
help your business


Let our experts help you set up optimised pay per click Google campaigns for best returns on investment possible. Not only will your business get new customers and lasting relationships, but also reliable feedback on your website


Hire dedicated managers to chalk out SEO strategies for your specific business. Gone are those days when a generic strategy could be applied to any business. It is time to build a brand as competition intensifies


We monitor your business's reputation and step in early to minimise damage. An irate customer, if ignored, could result in a big disaster for your business. Our team takes ownership of the situation to make amends

Our SEO Services Package Contains All Necessary Checks
and Balances Required to Get Your Business Up and Running

1. 50 Tweets, 50 Posts, and 50 Pins - As Philip Kotler says, “The Research and Development department- not the sales department- should be held accountable for a product’s success.” This is exactly where we being. All our SEO campaigns begin with market research and this is where we use years of our marketing expertise.

During one month of our SEO campaign, we identify your target audience, segregate them, understand them, study them, and then start our specifically targeted campaign. Each of our tweets, posts and pins are specifically targeted to match the interests and likes of your target audience.

Even before we make customized pins, tweets and posts for your consumers, we have their buying habits and their buying behaviour mapped. This helps us come out with coherent and meaningful content that is suitable to your consumers.

2. Selective 200 High Quality Links - Through years of our experience with search engines, we have come to realize exactly what search engines expect in terms of inbound links. We have with us a number of high quality, trustworthy websites and online resources that search engines absolutely love and we tirelessly keep adding to this list by vigorously researching with each passing major algorithmic update. Do contact us to know more about this, for any more of our link building strategies is best left for a one-to-one discussion.

3. 5 High Quality Guest Posts- Let’s face it, your business can not improve without networking. Since we provide business solutions to customers running online businesses, we get to network with a lot of niches. The primary purpose of these guest posts is to get your website a good number of relevant traffic. For example, a business owner selling automobile parts through his website would obviously benefit from a guest post on a website that has a lot of “How to Buy the Best” topics related to automobile parts instead of a guest post from a website that talks about electronics and automobiles in general.

4. 5 Blog Posts- Each of our blog posts is at least 500 words long and vetted for quality. We ensure immaculate usage of the English language, an optimum keyword density, natural content, and binding posts. Each of our posts contains nicely designed pictures at appropriate places, captivating headings that make your readers read more, and thought provoking suggestions. After all, blogging is all about getting your readers completely involved and keeping them there.

5. 24 Business Days to Complete- Our SEO package is completed within 24 business days or one calendar month from the date it is confirmed. After all this work is done on your website, you will not only witness increased number of site visits through our links and guest posts, but also a considerable improvement in your search engine rankings. At this point, your rankings will also depend on the niche you operate in and the level of competition surrounding it.

Our approach to SEO

Dedicated SEO Managers


Work with dedicated people one on one to get timely updates and consistency in your links

Flexible Contracts


WWe don't insist on a minimum period of more than 3 months. Beyond which, it is up to you

Custom Strategy


Each business is different and needs a different strategy depending on how competitive the niche is

Focused Brand Building


SEO has evolved and consumers want to do business with well known names

Lead Generation


As a business owner, the higher the number of leads you get, the more you sell

Better Conversion


Getting you more visitors is only half the work done. For the other half, we give your business a holistic approach

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